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About the Artist

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(The artist reminisces about her childhood.)

Loveta Strickland has lived almost her entire life in the Central Texas region, and has long been regarded one of the area's premiere landscape artists. Her mother painted in her later years, and other family members were also artistically inclined, but Loveta's fascination with art did not truly begin until about forty-five years ago, when her youngest child began taking art lessons. He convinced her it made more sense for her to stay and take the class with him rather than having to return to pick him up later.

She proved to be a receptive student, and her love for the medium blossomed into a very successful career, not only as a highly-regarded fine artist in her own right, but also as a diligent teacher of others. She has traveled extensively, both to teach and to gain inspiration for her work from many scenic landscapes and gardens. Although she has decided not to teach anymore, it is a very rare day when she does not paint, and she has continued to expand her horizons with new styles and techniques.

"I have been self-motivated from the beginning. No one had to push me to work hard."


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